Altona MB - The Acorn The King of Whimsy - Michael Christoff Down and Dirty In The Streets - Catherine MacLellan I Like The Summer - Michael Feuerstack It Hurts So Much To Fall In Love - CL McLaughlin and Julie Doiron Mary 16 - Jim Bryson Lou Reed - Shayne Cox Come To The Island - Isabel We Have Nothing to Fear Except Death Himself - J.J. Ipsen Can I Pay You With Sunshine - Odd Years Come To The Island - Piet Masone Old Hollywood - Samir Khan Best Man Blues - Chris Page You Don't Have to Believe to Bleed - The Swanees Trick of the Shadows - The Staff of the Romance 126 Research Facility sleep to dream - the acorn chapel - justin nace and the two-minute miracles go pop - john higney  nightwalking - jarrett bartlett ordinary love - jon bartlett in a shoebox, under the bed - nathan rekker Baby Brother - Andy Magoffin when you age - aaron curtis i used to be bob dylan - justin nace and the two-minute miracles As Far As Sky Can See - Colin Vincent The Sound of Snowflakes Falling - Jenny Omnichord Jesus Ain't No Baby Anymore - Tavo Diez de Bonilla and The Two-Minute Miracles the colours of christmas (red, white & blue) - andrew vincent & g. smith private pay the band - the barmitzvah brothers women on bicycles - fran├žois turenne It's Time to Get Freaky Again - Octoberman Eternity Blues (Live) - Sandro Perri You Got The Diamonds (I Got The Shaft) - Catriona Sturton This Night - Tavo Diez de Bonilla and The Two-Minute Miracles Starfucker - Marker Starling The Truth About Thieves - Winchester Warm Freeway - Barzin and Nick Zubeck Knife Fight Night Life - Wayne Petti Chinese Laundry - Flecton Big Sky and the Beijing Senior Choir Vanessa - Jordan Howard The 8:45s - Martha Ahmadi Are You Broken Hearted? - The Two-Minute Miracles (For) When Andy Gets High - Jeremy Finkelstein Is There Anybody Here Who Wants to Take Me Home Tonight? - Bird City and The Swanny Covers Chorus Angelina - The Two-Minute Miracles

Hey! My name is Kristy Nease and I'm so glad you've made it here! Isn't it just wonderful? Doesn't it make your heart swell up?

We Did This For
Andy Swan,
a very, very talented
who lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

If you're not familiar with his work, you can listen to the latest Michael Parks album here. Here's some stuff under his own name. Here's his page on the Kelp Records website. And here are some music videos he's done! He's a talented fellow. I apologize for all the links, but there's no one place to find all of his stuff. I've been trying to convince him to do it.

Now it's time to tell you how this project all came together.

First of all, I'd like to extend A HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU TO ANDY MAGOFFIN AND JARRETT BARTLETT for their generously donated sound-smithing skills! They did the mastering work (and a lot of recording and mixing) for no money at all. They did it out of love and the goodness of their hearts, and I'm forever indebted to them for it. These guys are the winners. The winners.

Maybe you're impressed with their winning and you'd like them to do some sound-smithing work for you! (Not for free though, sorry! They do have to eat, you know.) For Andy Magoffin, please visit The House of Miracles website. For Jarrett Bartlett, simply send an email to him.

Secondly, of course none of this would have been possible without the generous contributions of the incredible musicians listed above (who also did it for no money, just out of love). There are way too many of them to write out again, but you get the idea. Like their covers? Look them up! They all contribute a lot of other awesome stuff to this vast unfathomable universe of ours.

The beautiful artwork for this site was done by Ottawa's Drew Mosley. Want some of your own? Yeah, I understand. When I saw it I thought the same thing... And then I actually made it happen! Get at him here!

And this website. Layla Brown, you've done it again. You are a wonderful human and I am proud to call you my friend. You charged less than you deserve, but don't worry! All the drives to hang with our mutual pony friend are on the house, forever! You can get Layla's contact info for web-related awesomeness here.

Chris Bush! Thanks for hosting this thing on your fun server and for putting up with my ignorance! So awesome! Check out his stuff here.

Rolf Klausener, thanks for the assist with letting our media friends in on this big batch of wonderful. I normally just read the press releases, so it was great to have a helping hand on that front.

And you! Yes, you! Thanks for coming! Thanks for listening! Thanks for sharing! And please do share, because the world can always use a few more happy holiday stories to tell. For my part, this months-long, top secret project officially takes the cake for my favourite Christmas story, ever. I'll be telling it for years to come. I hope you will, too.

Thanks again. I'll never be done saying thank you!